Sentence Examples

  • Crowberry (Empetrum) - E. nigrum is a small evergreen Heath-like bush, of the easiest culture, which may be associated with the dwarfer rock shrubs.
  • The American Crowberry is said to be pretty in its own country, but is not known in ours.
  • Plymouth Crowberry (Corema) - An evergreen Heath-like shrub, native of America and S.W.
  • Such are the crowberry (Empetrum nigrum), Trientalis europaea, Rubus saxatilis and the globe-flower (Trollius europaeus).
  • The peat is different in character from that of northern Europe: cellular plants enter but little into its composition, and it is formed almost entirely of the roots and stems of Empetrum rubrum, a variety of the common crowberry of the Scottish hills with red berries, called by the Falklanders the " diddle-dee " berry; of Myrtus nummularia, a little creeping myrtle whose leaves are used by the shepherds as a substitute for tea; of Caltha appendiculata, a dwarf species of marsh-marigold; and of some sedges and sedge-like plants, such as Astelia pumila, Gaimardia australis and Bostkovia grandif ora.

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