Sentence Examples

  • She often mixes naughty with nice in her fashions and has been seen wearing anything from a lace dress with a skull and crossbones pendant, a plaid skirt with fishnets, to jeans and a hoodie, or hooded sweatshirt, with Converse sneakers.
  • Some unique designs found on the site include Black Flame Skull, Barbwire, Rebel Flag Wolf, Red Skull and Crossbones, Grim Reaper with Flames, Born a Biker/ Raised a Biker and Bring Them Home, POW.
  • Now days, the pirate's famous skull and crossbones is found on everything from sexy swimsuits to toddler clothing, so the design is losing some of its appeal for tattoo enthusiasts.
  • The towel features a gigantic skull and crossbones grinning menacingly to all that come near, while the bottom portion of the towel features a traditional Pirate, eye patch and all!
  • Presto Change Decor includes wall stickers for teenage bedrooms, include sports silhouettes, surfers, skull and crossbones, and patterns like leopards and circles.