Sentence Examples

  • In politics he held that good laws were better than good rulers, and criticised papal infallibility in temporal affairs.
  • He was criticised by the vestals of constitutional tradition for having declared war without consulting Parliament and for not having summoned it until several months later.
  • The appointment, criticised at the time as withdrawing from the regular diplomatic corps one of its most coveted posts, proved a great success.
  • He was criticised, both in England and in Canada, for forwarding, in 1911, in the course of his duties as ambassador, an arrangement for reciprocity between the two North American states; but the general election, which substituted Sir R.
  • Sir James Fitzjames Stephen, in his Liberty, Equality and Fraternity (1873), p. 87, starts the question, " Was Pilate right in crucifying Christ: " his somewhat paradoxical answer is criticised in The Trial of Jesus Christ, a legal monograph, by A.

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