Sentence Examples

  • He edited at different times Les Droits de l'homme, Le Cri du peuple, Le Socialiste, but his best-known organ was the weekly Egalite.
  • ITHACA ('IBaKm), vulgarly Thiaki (Otic?cri), next to Paxo the smallest of the seven Ionian Islands, with an area of about 44 sq.
  • An overwhelming naturalism swamped the older reserves of Egyptian art, and the expression of the postures, actions and familiarities of daily life, or the instantaneous attitudes of animals, became the dernier cri of fashion.
  • Among his stories may be mentioned: Les Mysteres du nouveau Paris (1876), Le Demi-Monde sous la Terreur (1877), Les Nuits de Constantinople (1882), Le Cri du sang (1885), La Main froide (1889).
  • We have such a cri de cceur as his few words to one of the conspirators after Caesar's murder, " I congratulate you.

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