Sentence Examples

  • Be the borough coroner, who holds office during good behaviour.
  • The coroner is appointed by the circuit court for a term of two years.
  • Each county has the following officers: a board of supervisors, a clerk, a treasurer, an auditor, an assessor and tax-collector, a sheriff and coroner, and an attorney.
  • The duties of a coroner are limited to the holding of inquiries into cases of death from causes suspected to be other than natural, and to a few miscellaneous duties of comparatively rare occurrence, such as the holding of inquiries relating to treasure trove, and acting instead of the sheriff on inquiries under the Lands Clauses Act, &c., when that officer is interested and thereby disabled from holding such inquiries.
  • In 1826 he fixed his residence at Cambridge, and in 1836 was elected coroner of the borough.