Sentence Examples

  • Professor Putnam measured for the World's Columbian Exposition 1700 living Indians, and the results have been summed up by Boas.
  • Field Columbian Museum, Chicago, 1895-1897); W.
  • The Columbian Magazine (1786-1790) was continued as the Universal Asylum (1790-1792).
  • In the north, where dislocations have invaded the field of the horizontal Columbian lavas, as in south-eastern Oregon and north-eastern California, the blocks are monoclinal in structure as well as in attitude; here the amount of dissection is relatively moderate, for some of the fault faces are described as ravined but not yet deeply dissected; hence these dislocations appear to be of recent date.
  • On the British Columbian coast, are of great advantage for the coasting trade.