Sentence Examples

  • On evaporating this solution the hydrated salt CoI 2.6H 2 0 is obtained in hexagonal prisms. It behaves in an analogous manner to CoBr 2.6H 2 0 on heating.
  • Coi ientific study of Zend texts began with E.
  • - Bodin, Les Six livres de la Republique (Lyons, 1580); De republica libri sex (Paris, 1586); Stengel, Die Staatsund volkerrechtliche Stellung der deutschen Colonien (1886); Heimburger, Der Erwerb der Gebietshoheit (1888); D'Orgeval, Les Protectorats allemands; annales de l'Ecole des Sciences Politiques (1890); Wilhelm, Theorie juridique des protectorats (1890); Despagnet, Essai sur les protectorats (1896); Heilborn, Das volkerrechtliche Protectorat (1891); Hall, The Foreign Jurisdiction of the British Crown (1894) Stengel, Die deutschen Schutzgebiete (1895); Gairal, Les Protectorats internationaux; Ieze, Etude theorique, eec., sur l'occupation, eec. (1896); Trione, Gli stati civili nei loro rapporti giuridici coi popoli barbari e semibarbari (1889); Ilbert, The Government of India (1898); Jenkyns, British Rule and Jurisdiction beyond the Seas (1902); Laband, Das Staatsrecht des deutschen Reiches (1876-1882), Revue de droit international, civilises, et barbares, xvii.
  • CAECILIUS STATIUS, Or Statius Caecilius, Roman COI/11C poet, contemporary and intimate friend of Ennius, died in 168 (or 166) B.C. He was born in the territory of the Insubrian Gauls, and was probably taken as a prisoner to Rome (c. 200), during the great Gallic war.
  • Coi, Lat.

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