Sentence Examples

  • The, cochineal insect was once an important commercial product, but the industry has fallen into decay.
  • The cochineal insect is found on the cactus which grows in abundance in the vicinity, and the town is known throughout Ecuador for its manufacture of boots and shoes, and for a cordage made from cabuya, the fibre of the agave plant.
  • The cochineal insect is nurtured on a species of Opuntia (0.
  • The females are placed on the plants about August, and in four months the first crop of cochineal is gathered, two more being produced in the course of the year.
  • The cultivation of pepper, cochineal, cinnamon and indigo for the government had already ceased; De Waal restricted the area of the sugar plantations (carried on by forced native labour) as from 1878, and provided for their abolition after 1890.