Sentence Examples

  • According to Roxburgh, the great Indian botanist, the cultivated rice with all its numerous varieties has originated from a wild plant, called in India Newaree or Nivara, which is indigenous on the borders of lakes in the Circars and elsewhere in India, and is also native in tropical Australia.
  • In 1816, however, the Pindaris entered British territory in the Northern Circars, where they destroyed 339 villages.
  • In the same year Clive despatched a force southwards under Colonel Forde, which captured Masulipatam from the French, and permanently established British influence throughout the Northern Circars, and at the court of Hyderabad.
  • In English it is principally employed in the name ' of the Northern Circars, used to designate a now obsolete division of the Madras presidency, which consisted of a narrow slip of territory lying along the western side of the Bay of Bengal from 15° 40' to 20° 17' N.
  • In 1687 the Circars were added, along with the empire of Hyderabad, to the extensive empire of Aurangzeb.

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