Sentence Examples

  • Ceylon cinnamon of fine quality is a very thin smooth bark, with a light-yellowish brown colour, a highly fragrant odour, and a peculiarly sweet, warm and pleasing aromatic taste.
  • Ferri sulphas exsiccatus, which has two subpreparations: (a) Pilula ferri, " Blaud's pill " (exsiccated ferrous sulphate 150, exsiccated sodium carbonate 95, gum acacia 50, tragacanth 15, glycerin 10, syrup 150, water 20, each to contain about I grain of ferrous carbonate); (b) Pilula aloes et ferri (Barbadoes aloes 2, exsiccated ferrous sulphate I, compound powder of cinnamon 3, syrup of glucose 3).
  • Rice, cotton, sugar, indigo, cinnamon, betel-nuts, sweet potatoes, ground-nuts and tobacco are all cultivated in varying quantities.
  • The provincial capital is Kwei-lin Fu, or City of the Forest of Cinnamon Trees, and there are besides ten prefectural cities.
  • Flavoured syrups are made by adding flavouring matter to a simple syrup. For instance, syrupus aromaticus is prepared by adding certain quantities of orange and cinnamon water to simple syrup. Similarly, medicated syrups are prepared by adding medicaments to, or dissolving them in, the simple syrup. Golden syrup is the uncrystallizable fluid drained off in the process of obtaining refined crystallized sugar.

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