Sentence Examples

  • Rodrigo Diaz, called de Bivar, from the place of his birth, better known by the title given him by the Arabs as the Cid (El Seid, the lord), and El Campeador, the champion par excellence, was of a noble family, one of whose members in a former generation had been elected judge of Castile.
  • He translated the Cid of Corneille, and wrote a poem on the subject of Psyche, based upon the well-known Greek myth.
  • Edinburgi, ex ofjicina Andreae Hart Bibliopolae, CID.DC.XIV.
  • THE CID, the favourite hero of Spain, and the most prominent figure in her literature.
  • The truth of the matter, however, has been expressed by Cervantes, through the mouth of the Canon in Don Quixote: " There is no doubt there was such a man as the Cid, but much doubt whether he achieved what is attributed to him."