Sentence Examples

  • 2940, Dr Repsold proposed a method of meridian observing which consists in causing a web to follow the image of a star in transit by motions communicated by the observer's hands alone, whilst electrical contacts on the drum of the micrometer screw register on the chronograph the instants corresponding to known intervals from the line of collimation.
  • (c) A button in the centre of the position-angle handle (74) connects with a chronograph which enables the observer to record the instant of observation.
  • And Dec. of the object to be observed, the scale divisions to be pointed upon, and thus, in measures of distance, with the aid of the chronograph and printing micrometer, enable the observer to adjust the instrument for observation and obtain a record of his observations without the aid of a hand-lamp or the necessity to make any records in his notebook.
  • Greater accuracy may be attained with a revolving-drum chronograph first devised by Thomas Young (Lett.
  • From the so-called chronograph of the year 354 (Catalogue Liberianus) we learn that on the 13th of August, probably in 236, the bodies of the exiles were interred in Rome and that of Hippolytus in the cemetery on the Via Tiburtina.

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