Sentence Examples

  • A more complex chromophoric group is the triple ethylenic grouping: C > C =, the introduction of which was rendered necessary by the discovery of certain coloured hydrocarbons.
  • The chromophoric groups are rarely strongly acid or basic; on the other hand, the auxochromes are strongly acid or basic and form salts very readily.
  • Notable differences attend the neutralization of the chromophoric and auxochromic groups.
  • With basic substances, the chromophoric combination with a colourless acid is generally attended by a deepening in colour; auxochromic combination, on the other hand, with a lessening.
  • Metals producing colourless salts with acids, is attended by colour changes contrary to those given above, auxochromic combination being accompanied by a deepening, and chromophoric by a lessening of the tint.

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