Sentence Examples

  • (2) The chromophore-auxochrome theory (Kauffmann) regards colour as due to the entry of an " auxochrome " into a " chromophoric " molecule.
  • On the chromophoreauxochrome theory (the nitro group being the chromophore, and the hydroxyl the auxochrome) it is necessary in order to explain the high colour of the metallic salts and the colourless alkyl and aryl derivatives to assume that the auxochromic action of the hydroxyl group is only brought strongly into evidence by salt formation.
  • Baeyer has suggested that the nine carbon atom system of xanthone may act as a chromophore.
  • Witt in 1876 toformulate his " chromophore-auxochrome " theory.
  • On this theory colour is regarded as due to the presence of a " chromophore," and dyeing power to an " auxochrome "; the latter by itself cannot produce colour or dyeing power, but it is only active in the presence of a chromophore, when it intensifies the colour and confers the property of dyeing.