Sentence Examples

  • Diethyl ketone, (C2H5)2 CO, is a pleasant-smelling liquid boiling at 102.7° C. With concentrated nitric acid it forms dinitroethane, and it is oxidized by chromic acid to acetic and propionic acids.
  • It distils over as a dark red liquid of boiling point 117° C., and is to be regarded as the acid chloride corresponding to chromic acid, CrO 2 (OH) 2.
  • This can be done most easily by " active " oxygen, such as is present in the peroxides, in chromic or permanganic acid.
  • Nitric acid and chromic acid oxidize them in such a manner that they yield the same products as the alcohols from which they are derived.
  • On oxidation .ith chromic acid it forms a quinone, C 15 H 8 0 2, and an a-diphenylene keto carboxylic acid C E I-4 3.

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