Sentence Examples

  • And six choristers to pray for himself and wife and for Henry IV.
  • The college was to consist of a provost, io priests, 6 choristers, 25 poor and needy scholars, 25 almsmen and a magister infor mator "to teach gratis the scholars and all others coming from any part of England to learn grammar."
  • Only two fellows, 4 choristers, 2 scholars and 2 almsmen were named in the charter and probably were only colourably members.
  • To priests and choristers, for example, of the proprietary or endowed orders were assigned 24 per annum if they were upwards of sixty years of age, 16 if upwards of 40, and 14, 8s.
  • Of Tenbury, are St Michael's church and college (1858), founded and partially endowed by the Rev. Sir Frederick Gore Ouseley, in which the ordinary preparatory education of boys is combined with a school for choristers and instruction in ecclesiastical music.