Sentence Examples

  • Zincke; and his researches have led to the discovery of many chlorinated oxidation products which admit of decomposition into cyclic compounds containing fewer carbon atoms than characterize the benzene ring, and in turn yielding openchain or aliphatic compounds.
  • Kulisch, Monats., 1894, 15, p. 276); by the action of phosphorus pentachloride on hydrocarbostyril (the inner anhydride of ortho-aminohydrocinnamic acid), the chlorinated compound first formed being then reduced by hydriodic acid (A.
  • Gabriel, Ber., 1886, 9, 1655, 2355): '/C It /CH = C(OH) CH= C Cl /CH=CH C 6 114 I or C 6 H4< - C 6 H4< --> C6H4< CO-NH C(OH): N CH= It is also formed from isobenzalphthalide by the action of ammonia, followedby phosphorus oxychloride and reduction of the chlorinated product (S.
  • A number of organic chlorinated products are also produced on a large scale.
  • In the preparation of chloroform by the action of bleaching powder on ethyl alcohol it is probable that the alcohol is ..rst oxidized to acetaldehyde, which is subsequently chlorinated and then decomposed.

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