Sentence Examples

  • Difference of opinion, therefore, arose as to the interpretation of the protocol, the Argentines insisting that the boundary should run from highest peak to highest peak, the Chileans that it should follow the highest points of the watershed.
  • Although the Chileans professed dissatisfaction, no active opposition was raised, and the terms were duly ratified.
  • It was captured by the Chileans in 1883, near the close of the war between Chile and Peru.
  • Again, in 1880, the city was bombarded by the Chileans, though it was almost defenceless, and fell into the possession of the invaders after the capture of Lima in the following year.
  • It was occupied by the Chileans in 1879 in the war between Chile and Peru, and was ceded to Chile by the treaty of the 10th of October 1883.