Sentence Examples

  • This was the origin of the principal liturgical vestment, the chasuble (q.v.).
  • Note the absence of the mitre, the chasuble short or tucked up in front, the maniple still carried in the left hand.
  • Hitherto the chasuble had been worn indifferently by all ministers at the eucharist, even by the acolytes; it had been worn also at processions and other non-liturgical functions; it was now exalted into the mass vestment par excellence, worn by the celebrant only, or by his immediate assistants (deacon and subdeacon) only on very special occasions.
  • The articles Chasuble and Cope).
  • During the first centuries both branches of the Church had used vestments substantially the same, developed from common originals; the alb, chasuble, stole and pallium were the equivalents of the anxItinov, e t fvoXcov, copapcov and 1 The rationale is worn only over the chasuble.