Sentence Examples

  • In 408 Alcibiades effectively invested Chalcedon, which surrendered by agreement with Pharnabazus, and subsequently Byzantium also fell into his hands with the aid of some of its inhabitants.
  • The "chalcedonius" of Pliny was quite a different mineral, being a green stone from the copper-mines of Chalcedon, in Asia Minor, whence the name.
  • He then went to live at Chalcedon, whence in 367 he was banished to Mauretania for harbouring the rebel Procopius.
  • He afterwards resided at Chalcedon and at Caesarea in Cappadocia, from which he was expelled by the inhabitants for writing against their bishop Basil.
  • 22), and it became the regular formula of excommunication from the time of the council of Chalcedon in 451, especially against heretics, e.g.

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