Sentence Examples

  • A special feature of the Sakti cult is the use of obscure Vedic mantras, often changed so as to be quite meaningless and on that very account deemed the more efficacious for the acquisition of superhuman powers; as well as of mystic letters and syllables called bija (germ), of magic circles (chakra) and diagrams (yantra), and of amulets of various materials inscribed with formulae of fancied mysterious import.
  • At the base of the spine is the root chakra, the coiled serpent of sexual energy.
  • Eyes closed, tongue pressed to the roof of the mouth, opening the crown chakra, each asana becomes a meditation.
  • Guided by a higher power Sam and Linda's experience illustrates the way of the seventh chakra, the way of faith.
  • I felt a lot of heat mainly in the heart chakra area.

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