Sentence Examples

  • VERVET, a Central and South African monkey, known as Cercopithecus pygerythrus.
  • PLUTO MONKEY, a guenon, Cercopithecus (Mona) leucampyx, nearly allied to the MONA, which takes its name from the black fur of the under-parts, passing into blackish grey on the head and back.
  • DIANA MONKEY, a West African representative of the guenon monkeys taking its name, Cercopithecus diana, from the presence of a white crescent on the forehead; another characteristic feature being the pointed white beard.
  • Scientifically it is known as Cercopithecus (Erythrocebus) pates, and typifies a section of its genus of which the other representative is the East African nisnas (C. [E.] pyrrhonotus).
  • GUENON (from the French, = one who grimaces, hence an ape), the name applied by naturalists to the monkeys of the African genus Cercopithecus, the Ethiopian representative of the Asiatic macaques, from which they differ by the absence of a posterior heel to the last molar in the lower jaw.

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