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  • On high festivals the altar is censed at vespers and lauds.
  • Pp. 141-142) thus describes the method and extent of the employment of incense at the mass prior to the Reformation: "According to the use of Sarum (and Bangor) the priest, after being himself censed by the deacon, censed the altar before the Introit began.
  • The middle of the altar was censed, according to Sarum, Bangor and Hereford, before the reading of the Gospel.
  • In the Sarum and Bangor, the priest censed the oblations after offering them; then the space between himself and the altar.
  • He was then, at Sarum, censed by the deacon, and an acolyte censed the choir; at Bangor the Sinistrum Cornu of the altar and the relics were censed instead.

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