Sentence Examples

  • You may not have celiac disease, but you may experience the reactions of one who is allergic to the presence of gluten in the foods you eat.Likewise, you are not necessarily hard-wired at birth for allergies and/or sensitivities.
  • Millions of celiacs live in the United States who are, no doubt, better off health-wise for that "Very Green Salad"; but, occasionally each celiac needs to be reminded that his worth as a person exceeds his genetic complications.
  • Because celiac disease has a hereditary influence or genetic component, close relatives (especially first-degree relatives, such as children, siblings, and parents) have a higher risk of being affected with the condition.
  • Although there is no risk and much potential benefit to the use of GFD for treatment of celiac disease, the widespread use of gluten-containing grains in Western cultures makes adapting to a gluten-free diet challenging.
  • A celiac develops specific anti-bodies to fight gluten, but as the result of what some believe to be an auto-immune reaction, the celiac's immune system begins to attack its own tissue, specifically the small intestine.