Sentence Examples

  • - Vacuolated Endoderm Cells of cartilaginous consistence from the axis of the tentacle of a Medusa (Cunina).
  • Peronia or cartilaginous proTentacle (hollow and tertiary, cess ascending from the i.e.
  • Preceded by six per cartilaginous margin of the radial and six interradial disk centripetally in the solid larval tentacles).
  • H, " Otoporpae " or centripetal process of the marginal cartilaginous ring connected with tentaculocyst.
  • The skeleton is cartilaginous, and the skull is remarkable for the very elongate suspensorium of the lower jaw; the tail remains in the notochordal condition, no cartilages being formed in this organ, which is destined to disappear with the gills.

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