Sentence Examples

  • Such meristematic layers are called secondary meristems. There are two chief secondary meristems, the cambium and the phellogen.
  • At celtain points the cambium does not give rise to xylem and phloem elements, but cuts off cells on both sides which elongate radially and divide by horizontal walls.
  • When a given initial cell of the cambium has once begun to produce cells of this sort it continues the process, so that a radial plate of parenchyma cells is formed stretching in one plane through the xylem and phloem.
  • Wood thus altered is known as heart-wood, or duramen, as distinguished from the young sap-wood, or alburnum, which, forming a cylinder next the cambium, remains alive and carries on the active functions of the xylem, particularly the conduction of water.
  • In many annual plants no cambium is formed at all, and the same is true of most perennial Pteridophytes and Monocotyledons.

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