Sentence Examples

  • This is merely a recension of a work which was composed about 679 by a Briton of Strathclyde.
  • An American vessel, the "Topaze," discovered the strange colony in 1808; again, by accident, it was visited by the "Briton," Captain Sir F.
  • It appears in several variant forms (brytenwalda, bretenanwealda, &c.), and means most probably "lord of the Britons" or "lord of Britain"; for although the derivation of the word is uncertain, its earlier syllable seems to be cognate with the words Briton and Britannia.
  • Cowbridge (Pontyfon) and Ludchurch (Eglwys Llwyd), others are of direct external origin, as Bishopstone, Flemingstone, Butter Hill, Briton Ferry, Manselfield, &c. Names derived straight from an Anglo-Norman source are rare; Beaupre, Beaumaris, Beaufort, Fleur-de-Lis, Roche, may be cited as examples of such.
  • ST KENTIGERN, or Mungo ("dear friend," a name given to him, according to Jocelyn, by St Servanus), a Briton of Strathclyde, called by the Goidels In Glaschu, " the Grey Hound," was, according to the legends preserved in the lives which remain, of royal descent.