Sentence Examples

  • You.ll go nowhere near my blood monkey, and if any of our demon brethren attack her, you.ll defend her.
  • Sensing demons in the upcoming halls, he replaced his hood and stepped from the stairwell leading to the basement into the hall on the main floor.  Half a dozen demons paced the corridor, three dressed as scouts like he was.  Rhyn made his way through his half-brethren, once again getting an idea of how many were there.
  • My Original brethren tell me there will be a split soon between the Watchers and the Others.
  • There were 67,044 Baptists (2226 United Baptists, 2019 Primitive Baptists and 1513 Free Baptists); 40,011 Roman Catholics; 1 9,993 United Brethren, all of the " New Constitution "; 19,668 Presbyterians; 13,323 Disciples of Christ; 6506 Lutherans, and 5230 Protestant Episcopalians.
  • Podébrad's persecution of the newly-founded community of the Bohemian brethren is certainly a blemish on his career.

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