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  • Whilst the masculine term brahmana (nom.
  • At a later period, when the Atharvan gained admission to the Vedic canon, a special connexion with the Brahman priest was sometimes claimed, though with scant success, for this fourth collection of hymns and spells, and the comparatively late and unimportant Gopatha-brahmana attached to it.
  • For while the younger school, the Vajasaneyins, have made a clear severance between the sacred texts or mantras and the exegetic discussions thereon - as collected in the Vajasaneyi-samhita and the Satapatha-Brahmana (trans.
  • 2 They do not, however, obtain full recognition in Sanskrit literature until the Brahmana period (7th or 8th century B.C.).
  • In the Brahmana period they were distinguished as " deva " and " yama," the fourteen lucky asterisms being probably associated with the waxing, the fourteen unlucky with the waning moon.'

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