Sentence Examples

  • The new constitution provided for a boule whose members were to be recruited by lot from all citizens above thirty; the functions of this body to be exercised by four sections succeeding one another by yearly rotation and serving without pay; all high officials to be chosen by it out of its own members.
  • It is at the lastnamed spot that the various pharmaceutical preparations are now manufactured for which they are famous (though sold only since about 1840) - the Elixir, the Boule d'acier (a mineral paste or salve), and the celebrated liqueur.
  • The cities appear equally Hellenic in their political organs and functions with boule and demos and popularly elected magistrates.
  • Boule and demos long continued to function.
  • This shows us the normal organs of a Greek city, boule, ecclesia, prytaneis, &c., in full working, with the annual election of magistrates, and ordinary forms of public action.

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