Sentence Examples

  • The Indian Antiquary was started at Bombay in 1872 and still continues.
  • The Bombay Magazine was started in 1811 and lasted but a short time.
  • The Bombay Quarterly Magazine (1851-1853) gave place to the Bombay Quarterly Review, issued in 1855.
  • In 1638 Peter Minuit on hehalf of this company established a settlement at what is now Wilmington, naming it, in honour of the infant queen Christina, Christinaham, and naming the entire territory, bought by Minuit from the Minquas Indians and extending indefinitely westward from the Delaware river between Bombay Hook and the mouth of the Schuylkill river, " New Sweden."
  • The continuation of the valley west of I-Ioshangabad forms the northern portion of the district of Nimar, the farther limit of which touches the Khandesh district of the Bombay presidency.