Sentence Examples

  • If your upper half is larger than your bottom half, a blouson top swimsuit may be just the right swim wear to help you feel comfortable wearing a bathing suit in public.
  • Some tankinis also offer blouson tops, and the convenience of a two piece over a one piece swimsuit cannot be overestimated when it's time for a restroom break.
  • Blouson Tops: A blouson top swimsuit has a loose, billowy top that helps conceal a large bust, though it may not offer as much support as other models.
  • Fortunately, there are several styles that hide problem areas, and the blouson top swimsuit is one that camouflages your midsection with flair.
  • Specializing in swimsuits size eight and up, Swimsuits For All is a swimsuit megastore offering a decent selection of blouson swimsuits.

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