Sentence Examples

  • BL, Blastostyle.
  • BL.) Gibbon's literary art, the sustained excellence of his style, his piquant epigrams and his brilliant irony, would perhaps not secure for his work the immortality which it seems likely to enjoy, if it were not also marked by ecumenical grasp, extraordinary accuracy and striking acuteness of judgment.
  • Bl, Blastopore.
  • All these are strikingly alike in appearance and general characters, differing essentially only in chemical composition, and it would seem better to reserve the name cerargyrite for the whole group, using the names chlorargyrite (AgC1), embolite (Ag(Cl, Bl)), bromargyrite (AgBr) and iodembolite (Ag(C1, Br, I)) for the different isomorphous members of the group. They are cubic in crystallization, with the cube and the octahedron as prominent forms, but crystals are small and usually indistinct; there is no cleavage.
  • (12) Along the stream line xBAPJ, t ' =0, u=ae-" c bl, n; (13) and over the jet surface JPA, where the skin velocity is Q, - q = - Q, u = ae rs Q /m = ae rs lc, (14) ds denoting the arc AP by s, starting at u = a; a ' ch nS2=cos nB= -a' u u - - a b' (15) a l a - b l u - a' a-a' u-b' co > u = ae'" S " c > a, and this gives the intrinsic equation of the jet, and of curvature ds '&1) _ i dw i dw dS2 P= - dO = Q a0 - Q as2 = Q c u-b d (u -a.u -a') _ ?

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