Sentence Examples

  • Perhaps one of the most interesting images of this kind is on the cotton rib thermal called BK Bridge.
  • He worked at Burger King (which he now calls the BK Lounge) where his brother was a manager.
  • Join bk and take the point g so that KG:
  • After him Kaikobad, son of his brother Faramarz, entered Konia as sultan in 1298, but his reign is so obscure that nothing can be said of it; some authors assert that he governed only ' See the details in Vincent of Beauvais, Speculum Historiale, bk.
  • The earlier chapters, treating chiefly of the arithmetical foundations of the science, differ but little in their line of argument from the principles laid down by Pietro Aron, Zacconi, and other early writers of the Boeotian school; but in bk.