Sentence Examples

  • China, Parian and Bisque Greman Dolls:Ca. 1840-Ca. 1900 by Lydia Ritcher contains valuable information and many unusual and beautiful photographs of these exquisite antiques.
  • For example, a tiny wool tam is perfect for a small Bebe or all bisque German or French cabinet doll, while a large silk hat looks great on a 30 inch Tete Jumeau.
  • The strawberry bisque, beef Wellington, chocolate melting cake, and other appetizers, entrees, and desserts are superbly prepared and presented.
  • Without the original doll clothing it is often extremely difficult to tell when the German bisque doll was actually manufactured.
  • It works to give you a slimmer appearance from just under the bust to mid-thigh and comes in Midnight Black and Bare Bisque.