Sentence Examples

  • While she's not as active in acting as she once was, Markie Post continues to turn up as a guest on popular television shows, as well as in television and big-screen movies.
  • Whether you have the PS3 connected to a big-screen TV or a smaller television, it can sometimes be difficult to read the finer details and text when surfing the net.
  • She has also worked on several big-screen movies, including 54 with Salma Hayek and Mike Myers, and Full Frontal with Julia Roberts and David Duchovny.
  • The actress spent the first two seasons (1982 to 1983) on the TV series Fame, which was based upon the 1980 big-screen film of the same name.
  • Today, some of the most popular Barbie dolls are also stars of the small- and big-screen.