Sentence Examples

  • It's technically not a part of the bicep, but it is closely related and -- perhaps more importantly for cosmetic purposes -- it "props up" the overlying biceps to dramatic effect if you manage to grow it.
  • Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder were engaged in the early 1990's and he had a double banner tattoo added to his right bicep to match the one on the left which contains the tattoo dedicated to his mother.
  • When performing the bicep flex, the biceps are in charge of the bending movement, whereas the triceps, which are the opposing muscle group, control the straightening or return movement.
  • As one of the more effective alarm clocks for deep sleepers, this product forces you to do thirty bicep curls of its dumbbell shaped body before the alarm is turned off.
  • She absently traced a hand down his shoulder and large bicep to the roped muscles of his forearm.

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