Sentence Examples

  • Bhakti Yoga: This is the devotional path, allowing the yogi to intensify his or her personal relationship with God as defined individually.
  • Bhakti Ware has a wide variety of unique yoga wear for women and men, including Organic Tie-Dye Yoga Wear.
  • This studio provides teacher training in basic poses as well as Sanskrit, Bhakti and restorative yoga.
  • Having married in due time, and a second time after the death of his first wife, he lived as a "householder" (grihastha) till the age of 24, when he renounced his family ties and set out as a religious mendicant (vairagin), visiting during the next six years the principal places of pilgrimage in northern India, and preaching with remarkable success his doctrine of Bhakti, or passionate devotion to Krishna, as the Supreme Deity.
  • His doctrine of Bhakti distinguishes five grades of devotional feeling in the Bhaktas, or faithful adherents: viz.

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