Sentence Examples

  • One was obtained in the form of its amide by the reduction of benzamide in alkaline solution with sodium amalgam (A.
  • 1888 [6], 14, p. 44 1); by the action of carbon dioxide on monobrombenzene in the presence of sodium; by condensing benzene And carbonyl chloride in presence of aluminium chloride, the benzoyl chloride formed being subsequently hydrolysed; and similarly from benzene and chlorformamide: C6H6 +Cl Conh 2 = Hc1 -C6h,CONH2, the benzamide being then hydrolysed.
  • Benzamide, C 6 H 5 CONH 2, is prepared by the action of benzoyl chloride on ammonia or ammonium carbonate, or from ethyl benzoate and ammonia.
  • Curtius, Ber., 1884, 17, p. 1662), and by heating benzamide with monochloracetic acid.
  • An, matter), formed the basis of benzaldehyde, benzoic acid, benzoyl chloride, benzoyl bromide and benzoyl sulphide, benzamide and benzoic ether.

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