Sentence Examples

  • An, matter), formed the basis of benzaldehyde, benzoic acid, benzoyl chloride, benzoyl bromide and benzoyl sulphide, benzamide and benzoic ether.
  • Phenylfulven, j " > C :CHPh, HC: CHI obtained from benzaldehyde and cyclo-pentadiene, forms dark red plates.
  • It combines with benzaldehyde, in the presence of hydrochloric acid, to form 2-benzyl-hydroquinone.
  • Thus by using benzene, benzaldehyde and anthracene are obtained.
  • It occurs naturally in some resins, especially in gum benzoin (from Styrax benzoin), in dragon's blood, and as a benzyl ester in Peru and Tolu balsams. It can be prepared by the oxidation of toluene, benzyl alcohol, benzaldehyde and cinnamic acid; by the oxidation of benzene with manganese dioxide and concentrated sulphuric acid in the cold (L.

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