Sentence Examples

  • An, matter), formed the basis of benzaldehyde, benzoic acid, benzoyl chloride, benzoyl bromide and benzoyl sulphide, benzamide and benzoic ether.
  • It may be prepared by the action of hydrochloric acid on the addition compound of benzaldehyde and hydrocyanic acid: C 6 H 5 CHO-HCN+HC1+2H 2 O= C6H5 [[Choh 000h+Nh4c1, (F.
  • They do not polymerize, and in the presence of caustic alkalies do not resinify, but oxidize to alcohols and acids (see Benzaldehyde for Cannizzaro's reaction).
  • With ammonia, benzaldehyde does not form an aldehyde ammonia, but condenses to hydrobenzamide, (C 6 H 5 CH) 3 N 2, with elimination of water.
  • It is prepared by oxidizing cinnamyl alcohol, or by the action of sodium ethylate on a mixture of benzaldehyde and acetaldehyde.

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