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  • The Bedouins bring wool and camel's hair to the market; and glass bracelets, lamps and leather waterskins are manufactured in the town.
  • Bedouins from the desert frequent the bazaars.
  • The bulk of the population is Mahommedan; the Bedouins have not much religion of any kind, but they profess Islam.
  • A large part of the foreign trade is in their hands, and at the season of the sheep-shearing their agents and representatives are found everywhere among the Bedouins and Madan Arabs of the interior, purchasing the wool and selling various commodities in return.
  • The modern Nezib or Nasibin consists of some 4000 inhabitants, largely Jews, who pay tribute to the Shammar Bedouins., The neighbourhood, we are informed by Arab writers, was at one time richly wooded, but is now somewhat marshy and unhealthy.

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