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  • The best known are the Krestovaya Gora (7805 ft.) on the Georgian military road, south of Darial; Kodor (93 00 ft.) and Satskheni, leading up from Telav in the upper valley of the Alazan; and Gudur (10,120 ft.) and Salavat (9280 ft.), carrying the Akhty military road from the valley of the Samur up past the Shah-dagh and the Bazar-dyusi to the valley of the Alazan.
  • The great bazar at Kabul was blown up with gunpowder to fix a stigma upon the city; the prisoners were recovered; and all marched back to India, leaving Dost Mahommed to take undisputed possession of his throne.
  • Almost the whole of Byzantine Phrygia is now included in the vilayet of Brusa, with the exception of a small part of Parorius and the district about Themisonium (Karayuk Bazar) and Ceretapa (Kayadibi), which belong to the vilayet of Konia, and the district of Laodicea and Hierapolis, which belongs to Aidin.
  • From Serai Keui); (7) Colossae (near Chonas); (8) Ceretapa Diocaesarea (Kayadibi); (9) Themisonium (Karayuk Bazar); (IO) Tacina (Yarishli); (II) Sanaus (Sari Ka y ak, in Daz Kiri); (12) Dionysopolis (Orta Keui); (13) Anastasiopolis, originally a village of the Hyrgaleis (Utch Kuyular); (14) Attanassus (Eski Aidan); (15) Lunda (Eski Seid); (16) Peltae (Karayashlar); (17) Eumenea (Ishekli); 08) Siblia (Homa); (19) Pepuza (Duman or Suretli); (20) Bria (Bourgas); (21) Sebaste (Sivasli); (22) Eluza or Aludda (Hadj imlar); (23) Acmonia (Ahat Keui); (24) Alia (Kirka); (25) Siocharax (Otourak), (26) Dioclea (Dola); (27) Aristium (Karaj Euren, in Sitchanli Ova); (28) Cidyessus (Geukche Eyuk); (29) Apia (Abia); (30) Cotyaeum (Kutaiah); (31) Aezani (Tchavdir Hissar); (32) Tiberiopolis (Amed); (33) Cadoi (Gediz); (34) Ancyra (Kilisse Keui) (35) Synaus (Simav); (36) Flaviopolis Temenothyrae (Ushak); (37) Trajanopolis Grimenothyrae (Giaour Euren, near Orta Keui); (38) Blaundus (Suleimanli).
  • KARASU-BAZAR, a town of Russia, in the Crimea and government of Taurida, in 45° 3' N.

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