Sentence Examples

  • The prosperity of the town depends chiefly on agriculture and the manufacture of iron and steel wares, and of chemicals, but weaving and the making of pottery are also carried on, and there are baryta mills and polishing-mills for sandstone.
  • Uvitic acid, 5-methyl isopthalic acid, is obtained by oxidizing mesitylene or by condensing pyroracemic acid with baryta water.
  • When heated to about 250° C. it is transformed into quinide, probably a lactone, which on heating with baryta water gives an inactive quinic acid.
  • Cyclo-heptatriene (tropilidine), C 7 H 81 is formed on distilling tropine with baryta; and from cyclo-heptadiene by forming its addition product with bromine and heating this with quinoline to 150-160° C. (R.
  • Cyclo-heptanone (suberone), C 7 H 12 O, is formed on the distillation of suberic acid with lime, and from a-brom-cyclo-heptane carboxylic acid by treatment with baryta and subsequent distillation over lead peroxide (R.

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