Sentence Examples

  • Its transition from runway to real world has been quite simple, thanks in great part to the numerous designers who have hopped on the bandwagon, designing affordable wedge booties in plentiful colors and materials.
  • Some people say they would prefer to buy organics from companies that are 100 percent committed to organics, rather than those who hopped on the bandwagon when organics became more mainstream.
  • More and more learning institutions are jumping on the distance learning bandwagon because it makes sense to provide situations that accommodate as many students as possible in these programs.
  • Not surprisingly, many of them have hopped on the anti-aging skincare bandwagon and started to offer treatments and specialized products formulated to eradicate lines, wrinkles and age spots.
  • You see, those that watched the show believed that Adam himself may be a little autistic, so his mom jumped on the bandwagon stating that she believes her son "…has a little Rain Man in him."