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  • This may be also true of some of those instances that have occurred among frogs, in Proteus, and with an axolotl once possessed by the present writer.
  • AXOLOTL, the Mexican name given to larvae salamanders of the genus Amblystoma.
  • Or Axolotl of Mexico were brought to him by Humboldt in the beginning of the 10th century, that these Batrachians were not really related to the Perennibranchiates, such as Siren and Proteus, with which he was well acquainted, but represented the larval form of some air-breathing salamander.
  • Little heed was paid to his opinion by most systematists, and when, more than half a century later, the axolotl was found to breed in its branchiferous condition, the question seemed to be settled once for all against him, and the genus Siredon, as it was called by J.
  • Before reviewing the history of these discoveries, it is desirable to say a few words of the characters of the axolotl (larval form) and of the Amblystoma (perfect or imago form).

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