Sentence Examples

  • The whale avi of associations on the sand dunes constitutes a plant ~
  • The avi-fauna, which does not differ from that of central Europe, is represented by some one hundred and twenty species, among which the singing birds (Dentirostrae and Conirostrae) are the most numerous.
  • The avi-fauna is the common Siberian, and the rivers swarm with fish, especially species of salmon (Oncorhynchus).
  • The following have been suggested: (I) augur (or augus) is a substantive originally meaning "increase" (related to augustus as robur to robustus, then transferred to the priest as the giver of increase or blessing; (2) = avi-gur, the second part of the word pointing to (a) garrire, " chatter," or (b) gerere, the augur being conceived as "carrying" or guiding the flight of the birds; (3) from a lost verb augo =" tell," "declare."
  • The avi-faunal life of Wisconsin is exceedingly varied; C. B.