Sentence Examples

  • Aurous iodide, Aul, is a light-yellow, sparingly soluble powder obtained, together with free iodine, by adding potassium iodide to auric chloride; auric iodide, Au13, is formed as a dark-green powder at the same time, but it readily decomposes to aurous iodide and iodine.
  • 11,684 Rheinwaldhorn Guferhorn Blindenhorn Basodino Tambohorn Helsenhorn Wasenhorn Ofenhorn Cherbadung Piz Medel Scopi Pizzo Rotondo Pizzo dei Piani Piz Terri Piz Aul Pizzo di Pesciora Wyttenwasserstock Campo Tencia.
  • Aul ie vviov 0 44 dstock Scale, 1:7,100,000 English Miles 20 o So 120 160 Railways +r?
  • A wide belt of blown sand (or Chul), sprinkled with sa.aul jungle, separates the swamps on the south side of the river from the cultivated plains of Afghan Turkestan; but in places, notably for Cultiva= about 12 Tn.