Sentence Examples

  • Auckland harbour, one of the best in New Zealand, is approachable by the largest vessels at the lowest tide.
  • There are an opera-house and an academy of music. The Auckland University College and the grammar school are the principal educational establishments.
  • Auckland has industries of sugar-refining, ship-building and paper-, ropeand brick-making, and timber is worked.
  • AUCKLAND, a city and seaport on the east coast of North Island, New Zealand, in Eden county; capital of the province of its name, and the seat of a bishop. Pop. (1906) 37,736; including suburbs, 82,101.
  • There is communication both south and north by rail, and regular steamers serve the ports of the colony, the principal Pacific Islands, Australia, &c. From 1853 to 1876 Auckland was the seat of the provincial government, and until 1865 that of the central government, which was then transferred to Wellington.