Sentence Examples

  • Bloodshed could only be atoned by blood-money or by shedding the blood of the offender or of his family.
  • Henry atoned for this by a reign marked by unceasing struggle against the great barons.
  • Again Robertson Smith saw here the " theanthropic" animal, the Ox-God-man, eaten sacramentally by an ox-tribe, and so sacred that his death is a murder that must be atoned for in other ways and by a feigned resurrection.
  • The idea of forgiveness is absolutely wanting; evil done may indeed be outweighed by meritorious deeds so far as to ensure a better existence in the future, but it is not effaced, and must be atoned for "(Census Report, i.
  • This can only be atoned with the original determination by fresh negation in which a new thought-determination is born, which is yet in a sense the old, though enriched, and valid on a higher plane.

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