Sentence Examples

  • Million Dollar Man - While not fully a robot, astronaut Steve Austin of the 6 Million Dollar Man TV series became a bionic human with legs, an arm and even one eye replaced by robotic implants that transformed him into a superhuman.
  • Located within Sawgrass Mill Mall, the indoor park doesn't have any roller coasters, but it does have a collection of exhibits that let kids get a taste for being an astronaut, radio broadcaster, firefighter and more.
  • As if that weren't enough, the Speedmaster was also worn by both American astronaut Tom Stafford and Russian cosmonaut Alexei Leonov on the famous Apollo-Soyuz space rendezvouz.
  • Her work has been credited by many, including NASA astronaut Mae Jemison and Whoopi Goldberg, as an inspiration that they could be who they wanted to be.
  • The idea is that the toy version of Buzz Lightyear was based on a "real" astronaut hero, but he refused to acknowledge his toy status.